Algaecide for Clean Waterbaths.

Ever-Clear is a crystaline algeacide designed to keep all kinds of water bath clear from algae growth, including dissolution testers. Simply add the contents of one tube of Ever-Clear algaecide to a

Everclear algaecide for waterbath

EverClear Algaecide

waterbath every 2-3 months to keep the water clear and free from any unwanted growth.

  • Easy to use: one tube is for one water bath
  • Safe crystaline compound – much easier and much safer to use than liquids
  • Safe with shipping and use
  • No need to change water every week – saves time and water!
  • Much less cleaning!
  • No special handling necessary
  • Safe for the world wide environment
  • Much lower disposal costs
  • Heaters and Chillers are more efficient and last longer when no algae growth is present
  • Suitable for all kinds of water bath including dissolution testers

Available in Cases of 12 or 48 Tubes; Repeat every 2-3 months as required. for more information and prices click here