Consort develops a wide range of high technology products from simple and robust field-meters up to sophisticated precision laboratory equipment. There are our well-known meters and controllers for pH, mV, ion analysis, rH2, temperature, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS and dissolved oxygen. For the molecular biology field, we offer a wide range of electrophoresis equipment such as high voltage power supplies, horizontal and vertical apparatus, DNA sequencers, blotting units, UV-tables and photo-documentation system.


Calibration Solutions

– All solutions are offered in sealed 500 ml bottles.
– pH buffers are colour coded to reduce errors. They are certified to 0.02 pH.
– Conductivity standards are certified to 0.5 %.
– Redox standards are certified to 1 mV at 25°C.
– In addition to the reference, a test number is indicated revealing the charge number.
– Each solution is supplied with a certificate.
– The indicated values are at 25°C. Where necessary, a value/temperature comparison chart is printed on the label.
– Expiry date is mentioned on each bottle.
– Always store solutions cool and away from sunlight.


Coloured Buffer

Many people do not realize how important it is to keep their equipment calibrated. Calibrating your equipment will improve measurement performance and reduce measurement errors. Calibrating your equipment will also produce such benefits as, increased production yields and guaranteed measurements.

Available solutions:

– 2.00 pH
– 4.00 pH
– 7.00 pH
– 10.01 pH
– 12.00 pH