Cooling circulating Water Baths available in 40 models.

cooling circulating water baths

cooling circulating water baths

Available is the latest generation PolyScience cooling Circulating Water Baths uphold the reputation for innovation, product quality and refrigeration expertise. The units are extremly simple to operate, easy to install and maintain, and will provide years of reliable and accurate heat removal.

Chillers provide heat removal for a wide variety of processes and equipment. When properly sized and slected, a chiller increases production speed and accuracy, protects valuable process equipment and reduces water consuption and related costs. If it is undersized, it will be inefficient due to excessive cycling. In addition to having an adequate cooling capacity, the chiller must deliver the cooling fluid at the proper pressure and flow rate.

The most common and acceptable coolant is a mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% ethylen glycol (polycool EG-25). This combination will provide the best results for set-point temperatures between -25°C and +80°C. Although ethylene glycol is not required for set-point temperatures above freezing (0 °C). It is highly recommended as glycol helps lubricate pump seals and fluid temperatures inside the chiller may be below freezing.

PolyScience is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Since 1963, they have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide.

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