Dissolution Media

To use DVC-24 dissolution vessel cleaner with dissolution media containing surfactants, it is compulsory adding antifoam solution before proceeding with cleaning cycles.

Please proceed as follows:

dissolution vessel cleaner

Dissolution vessel cleaner DVC-24

Select “LARGE VOLUME PROG” at DVC-24 dissolution vessel cleaner User Settings screen.

  1. Fill one dissolution vessel, clean, empty and placed at dissolution tester, with antifoam solution Gloss Technologies part number: C24S100, according with using instructions.
  2. Run first cleaning cycle CYCLES LEFT = 25 over this vessel, according cleaning instructions procedure and observing all safety indications.
  3. Wait for instrument conditioning completion indicated by Main screen.
  4. DVC-24 is now ready to clean up to 24 dissolution vessels containing media with surfactants.
  5. After emptying residues tank, if needed, proceed to repeat this procedure from step 1.

The DVC-24 instrument put into practice an unique patented dissolution vessel cleaning method using water steam as a cleaning agent. Fast and homogenous cleaning for dissolution vessels will be easily achieved.

Using DVC-24 will improve your dissolution laboratory increasing testing throughput capacity and helping to accomplish with regulations.

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