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New Cleaning Validation Tools

The new Dissolution Vessel Cleaner DVC-24 developed by Gloss Technologies is the ultimate solution to increase productivity and regulatory compliance of any Dissolution Laboratory since offering an easy, fast, efficient and validated method for cleaning dissolution vessels.
DVC-24 is the real alternative to the tedious and time-consuming job of cleaning dissolution vessels preventing variability inherent to manual cleaning.

Low Cost!

The instrument has been designed for economic use. If offer fast and thorough cleaning for the most difficult products.

Therefore up to 4 dissolution baths can be effectively cleaned in less than 10 minutes time. This dramatically increase your sample test throughput.

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Cleaning Validation

The New and Sophisticated Dissolution Vessel Cleaner DVC-24 unique automated cleaning procedure is proven to be a robust, effective, consistent and reproducible cleaning method that ensures there is NO significant carryover between tests, this is specially important when a change in formulation occurs.

Gloss Technologies from Spain has developed a Full documentation package for instrument and cleaning method validation, including Validation Tablets to run Performance Qualification.

The Performance Qualification Protocol supplied with the instrument provides a documented evidence that your dissolution equipment is homogenously cleaned within acceptable limits prior to use for safely operation in a validated environment.

DVC-24 includes three factory programmed cleaning methods which will fit major part of applications.

Additionally, Gloss Technologies has developed a Method Validation Program which let Service Engineers to customize your Dissolution Cleaning Procedure and reprogramming DVC-24 methods for end-user own products to ensure there are no cross contamination between tests.

All above unique features make DVC-24 a valuable dissolution vessel cleaning validation tool.