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New Cleaning Validation Tools

The new Dissolution Vessel Cleaner or vessel washer DVC-24 developed by Gloss Technologies is the ultimate solution to increase productivity and regulatory compliance of any Dissolution Laboratory since offering an easy, fast, efficient and validated method for cleaning dissolution vessels. DVC-24 is the real alternative to the tedious and time-consuming job of cleaning dissolution vessels preventing variability inherent to manual cleaning.

Low Cost!

The instrument has been designed for economic use. If offer fast and thorough cleaning for the most difficult products. Therefore up to 4 dissolution baths can be effectively cleaned in less than 10 minutes time. This dramatically increase your sample test throughput.

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dissolution vessel cleaner

Dissolution vessel cleaner DVC-24

Dissolution Vessel Cleaner with Patented Cleaning Procedure

The Dissolution Vessel Cleaner DVC-24 is using an unique patented cleaning method, based on the power of water steam used as cleaning agent. Cleaning procedure is mainly divided in three steps:

  • Used Dissolution Media is first completely removed from dissolution vessel by vacuum.
  • Dissolution vessels are perfectly cleaned-up by spraying water steam symmetrically to the inner of the dissolution vessel wall.
  • Extra vacuum force is applied to remove cleaning agent and drying vessel. This operation is easily done by placing the universal head cover assembly on top of dissolution vessel and holding operation button. Universal head cover exclusive design ensures compatibility for all USP dissolutions vessels while preventing steam leakage and waste back flush.

Cleaning agent used is Sprayed Water Steam which perfectly defines the ideal cleaning agent:

  • Soluble.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Non reactive with equipment, preventing scratches.
  • Applies an effecive thermal and mechanical force to remove sticky residues.
  • Always available in any situation.

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