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Particle Characterization with laser probes

Since foundation of S&E in year 1993 there are still increasing requirements for realtime informations on particle characterization of size. shape, morphology within development and formulation from laboratory, pilot plant, research or process.

Sequip wants to meet customer requirements with the optimal measuring system for every application.

Every user has different condotions, requirements and visions, so we offer different oppurtunities to introduce in our technology.


  • Based on facts statistical analysis because of more than 100.000 signal pictures
  • Fitting of the sensor directly in reactor or in a pipeline possible
  • No sample taken
  • Insitu operation from petri dish up to beaker and reactor


  1. Stability control under process conditions
  2. Faster development of new formulas
  3. Quality saving 24h a day


•Insitu process control
•Droplet and particle size distribution of suspensions and emulsions
•Dynamic particle size distribution of disperse phased systems in original concentration
•Optimization and controlling of crystallization processes
•Controlling of polymerization processes
•Measuring of dry powder and granules
•Image analysing with PIA – Particle Image Analyser
•etc etc..

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laser probes-particle-characterization

laser probe for particle characterization

Inline measuring and process control in real time

laser probes with T.O.F.

The patent-registered PAT Sensor technology quantifies size and number of particles in originally concentrated dispersion based on the optic measurement of back reflection in connection with ToF (Time of Flight) technology. The influence of process parameters on the product will be identified fast and effectively. In contrast to normal particle analyzers PAT Sensors work with a Self Selecting Focus which guarantees the highest resolution of particles in the focal point.
Insitu PAT Sensors identify the particle size distribution of thinned and originally concen-trated suspensions and emulsions as well as results of disperse present dry products.
By the transparent signal analysis based on the newest developments of laser-based analysis technology by Sequip the operator is able to see his actual results under insitu conditions.
Size, the profile of the signal and the surface finish of the particle will be identified and analyzed to result in a real image of the particle system.

Particle size distribution in undiluted mediums

Our products:

We offer customized specified PAT Systems for many applications.

Please tell us your measuring task, ->we will configurate the optimal system !!.

Regarding on required application we use different sensor materials and sensor diameters. Laser energy is dependent of the character of the product. Conditions like temperature, pressure, concentration determine the detailed specification of the sensor. The evaluation software can continously controlling the process and analyse reale particle morphologies with dynamic measuring ranges.

This is the benefit of the modular configuration of all components. So we can create a custom-fit system for all applications.

All systems work with patented ORM (Optical reflection measurement) technology.