• NanoQ software – Nano particle sizing

    NanoQ software- nano particle sizing from Cordouan – France User-friendly NanoQ software and intuitive graphic interface User-defined Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) Measurement replay mode for post-data treatment Exhaustive solvent database with details for more then 200 different solvents Standard Cumulant and unique Padé Laplace algorithms for complex colloids analysis (Cumulant, SDL and Pade Laplace Unique [Read More]

  • TEM Grid – Glow Discharge system – ELMO

    TEM Grid is ready in a few seconds: ELMO Easy, Standalone and Compact……. Glow discharge – Wikipedia (source) A glow discharge is a plasma formed by the passage of electric current through a low-pressure gas. It is created by applying a voltage between two metal electrodes in a glass tube containing gas. When the voltage [Read More]

  • Zeta Potential Analyzer from Cordouan: WALLIS

    A High Resolution Zeta Technique! 30 times Higher! Wallis™ Zeta Potential Analyzer is: Purely dedicated to nanoparticle and colloidal charge characterization Ideal tool for studying colloidal suspension’s stability and nanoparticles’ electrophoretic properties A compact and robust system A versatile and user friendly solution for zeta potential measurements “Simple, robust, artifact-free, high resolution measurements!”   Technologies & [Read More]

  • VASCO FlexTM Particle Size Analyser

    Particle size Analyzer from Cordouan The VASCO-FlexTM is an unique and fully agile nano particle size analyser combining the power of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and the flexibility of optical fibers. Range is 0.5nm – 10.0um Technologies & Innovations The VASCO-Flex includes : High sensitivity – low noise single photon detector High resolution linear timescale [Read More]

  • Dissolution Basket Tool for holding baskets

    Dissolution Basket Tool A handy dissolution Basket Tool for picking up, moving or storing Dissolution Baskets without touching them or rim. Can be used with any standard size basket without any damage at all!. Makes it fast easy to fit any basket onto a shaft!. Can be used with any standard size dissolution basket without any [Read More]

  • Dissolution media with surfactants

    Dissolution Media To use DVC-24 dissolution vessel cleaner with dissolution media containing surfactants, it is compulsory adding antifoam solution before proceeding with cleaning cycles. Please proceed as follows: Select “LARGE VOLUME PROG” at DVC-24 dissolution vessel cleaner User Settings screen. Fill one dissolution vessel, clean, empty and placed at dissolution tester, with antifoam solution Gloss Technologies [Read More]

  • Pharmatest – Distributor NL

    CEO – Björn Fähler  re-confirmed Prolyse BV is the only and soly pharmatest distributor in the Benelux: Dear valued customer of Pharma Test solutions,With this letter we would like to inform you that we have appointed the company Prolyse BV, Sluisweg 1-b, 5102VA DONGEN (NB) as our exclusive distributor since January, 2014.We decided to select Prolyse [Read More]

  • Dissolution Vessel Cleaning

    Dissolution Vessel Cleaning It is important that dissolution vessels are clean prior to use. This is most relevant when using capsules that have sticky coatings. This is for two reasons: there may be contamination of the media which could lead to a high result or the tablet under test may stick to the vessel walls leading to [Read More]

  • Dissolution Vessel Washer

    Dissolution Vessel Washer Thanks to its unique patented cleaning method the DVC-24 dissolution vessel washer cleans perfectly dissolution vessels. It is based on the power of water steam as cleaning agent by sprying steam symmetrically to the inner of the dissolution vessel wall after completely and fast removing of the used dissoluton media. The universal [Read More]

  • Safe Weighing Enclosures

    ST1 Safe Weighing Enclosures and Cabinets. Optimal personal protection and absolutly stable safe weighing results Personal safe weighing is of special importance when weighing potent substances. This is where the ST1 series safe weighing enclosures offers optimum conditions for people and material. The unique functionality in the design enables the uninterrupted operation of sensitive micro analytical scales [Read More]

  • Dissolution Vessel Cleaner with Validation – DVC-24

    Dissolution Vessel Cleaner This dissolution vessel cleaner DVC-24 has been carefully designed to be the real alternative to the tedious and time-consuming  job of cleaning dissolution vessels used in dissolution testers. It is offering an easy,  fast,  efficient and validated method for automatic cleaning dissolution vessels while preventing variability inherent to manual cleaning. It can [Read More]