CEO – Björn Fähler  re-confirmed Prolyse BV is the only and soly pharmatest distributor in the Benelux:

Dear valued customer of Pharma Test solutions,With this letter we would like to inform you that we have appointed the company Prolyse BV, Sluisweg 1-b, 5102VA DONGEN (NB) as our exclusive distributor since January, 2014.We decided to select Prolyse BV due to their market experience, their certified service department and their trust into our support and products.Prolyse BV technical engineers have already received a thorough sales and service training here at our factory in Germany. They are entitled and the only partner responsible for maintainance and qualification all instruments of Pharma Test which you are currently using or intend to purchase for your laboratories. Prolyse BV is fully and exclusively supported by our technical support staff and product management. From original spare parts to know how. As a result we do not support any third party.Prolyse BV is also able to support, qualify and service older equipment made by Pharma Test. We would be pleased if you would proceed to contact either Prolyse BV or us in case you intend to purchase any new equipment or you need any support and/or information on existing apparatus.Please visit for more information and contact details.

Thank you very much for your confidence in the past and looking forward to continue our business cooperation in the future.

Yours faithfully

Mr. Björn Fähler
Chief Executive Officer


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