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ONE SINGLE PUNCH TABLET PRESS Type RIVA MINI-PRESS tablet press machine. This tablet press was developed for the use in R&D and Galenic .

Riva Mini-Press Series

The machine is equipped with:
– Gravity fill shoes
– Upper and lower punch holder
– Electrical control buttons incl.key switch and emergency stop
– Manual lubrication
– Standard electrical circuitry with contactors
– Drive by means of a frequency modulated AC motor with smooth start characteristic


RIVA mini-press tablet press machine


Machine description

The main body consists of a solid frame with stainless steel shroudings. The compression
compartment is easily accessible and closed off by means of e detachable transparent
acrylic panels, equipped with safety switches All components of the press, which are in contact with the product are made of stainless steel (AISI 316) or hard chrome plated.
The press is designed to conform to the most stringent GMP requirements.
Removable components are equipped with quick release clamps for fast disassembling and cleaning.


The single punch tablet press machine can either be equipped with a small LCD terminal for the digital display of the
main compression force, or with full instrumentation and a data acquisition- and analysis software.

Display of main compression force via LCD terminal

The single punch press will be equipped with

• Pressure cell installed in the lower punch carrier
• Amplifier, A-D converter, LCD blacklight display
• Calibration functionality.

The compression force can be displayed, in KN or t (
When working with KN, the lowest resolution will be 0.1 KN , the highest 99,9 KN
The error could be +/- 0,01 KN
In case the display is in t, the lowest resolution is 0,01 tonnage, the highest is 9.91 t.
The error could be +/-0,001 t.

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