Dissolution Testing Instrument PTWS 800D

Compact Dissolution Testing Instrument The new PTWS 800D compact dissolution testing instrument is based on the design of the popular PTWS 100D and features 8 stirred positions in either a 2×4 or a 4×2 configuration. The dissolution testing instrument still maintains a minimal bench space requirement of just 45cm by 75cm (width by depth). Like in the PTWS [Read More]

Dissolution Tester

6-Spindle Dissolution Tester The PTWS 100 dissolution tester is a bench saving 6-spindle, lift-up, staggered stirrer start Dissolution Bath which offers 6 stirred positions, self-sealing and centring vessel covers, touch screen operation, audible signal for operator information, testing method filing system, and vibration free water bath assembly. The PTWS100S and the PTWS100D dissolution tester are designed in [Read More]