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Glow discharge – Wikipedia (source)

A glow discharge is a plasma formed by the passage of electric current through a low-pressure gas. It is created by applying a voltage between two metal electrodes in a glass tube containing gas. When the voltage exceeds a certain value called the striking voltage, the gas in the tube ionizes, becoming a plasma, and begins conducting electricity, causing it to glow with a colored light.



TEM grid carbon support films have a hydrophobic tendency. A glow discharge treatment with air makes the carbon film surface negatively charged and hydrophilic which allows an adsorption of aqueous solutions.

Easy, Flexible, Reproducible…….

  • Quick and easy loading of films or grids
  • Intuitive operation with manual or programmed mode
  • Real-Time display of process parameters (current, vacuum, time)
  • Glow discharge methods, hydrophilic of hydrophobic, negative or positive charge\
  • Anti-implosion glass for an easy cleaning and a high secured process
  • Accurate injection control of gass or liquids
  • Accurate vacuum control using Pirani gauge
  • Soft venting (air or neutral gass) uzing quick inlet fittin

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