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line_prolyseAs Prolyse is for years representative for PharmaTest, with the recent J&M partnership with Pharmatest, the products of J&M are now also added to the portfolio.

J&M products are well known as TIDAS systems for laboratories, education or process use.

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line_prolyse We work on a long term relationship with our customers, manufacturers and employees. Particularly by  thinking together with the customer and go for the best possible result. Our guiding principle is: We invest in the customer and his / her environment, including with seminars and discussions with our global network and trade union.
Internet is for us an important PR tool. We are in management terms a network with a so called flexible layer: if we do not have the expierence, we will hire it!
As a result we have certain specialized knowledge and / or skills. We give our people autonomy!.


line_prolyseProlyse BV distinguishes itself with its organizational capacity and strong after-sales service. Prolyse BV strives for an excellent cooperation, sustainable customer satisfaction, loyalty and obtain the best possible result. We do not believe that success is a coincidence. We want to understand what our customers need and expect. We try to put our focus either on excelling operational processes (operational excellence), excelling in product characteristics (product leadership) or an eminent relationship with customers (customer intimacy).


dissolution tester from Pharmatest

dissolution tester from Pharmatest

A very wide range of dissolution testers is available, from simple manual to fully automated dissolution testers with integrated UV-Vis analyzers or fiber optics.


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We are representing the following compagnies: Pharmatest (J&M), Labhut (QLA),  A1-SafeTech, Dosatec, Consort, Adam Equipment, Polyscience, Sequip and Cordouan Technologies.


line_prolyseIf you asked our customers, they would agree that the right technology at an affordable price is in part what makes Prolyse BV a international leader in selling solutions in our industries.


line_prolyseWe look forward to providing the same high level of service and support which you’ve come to expect for a long time to come!

We take all the support issues seriously and provide timely responses.


line_prolyse“If you say something about your company, it’s a claim! If someone else says something about your company, it’s a fact”

“A recommendation from a satisfied customer we feel is absolute the best reference!!”   we have customers in BeNeLUX, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and even in Asia (Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malyasia, Indonesia, Vietnam).