PolyScience is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Since 1963, they have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide.



Best Lab Partner

Polyscience products are uniquely configured to accommodate specific testing and quality control needs, such as the calibration of temperature measurement devices, viscosity measure-ments, fecal colifrom testing, plasma-thawing, histological and beverage-aging studies.


  • Swivel 180
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • LidDock
  • DuraTop
  • Whispercool
  • Cool Command Technology
  • Large Bath Opening
  • Class III Safety
  • Pressure and Suction Pump
  • Simplified Setup
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Easy hook-up fluid

circulating water baths

circulation water baths- refrigeratied

Best Lab Partners you’ll ever have !

Precise, Reliable. With Sleek lines and exceptionally large digital displays, the Polyscience circulating water baths are easy on the eyes. But even the most attractive lab partner needs to get down to business. So, we’ve made the Circulating water baths exceptionally hard-working, easy to operate and maintain. Polyscience equipment is the lab partner that makes your life easier and more productive. – Reservoir size ranging from 6 liters to 75 liters – Heated-only and Refrigerated / Heated models (90+ models, including an Immersion Circulator) – Six types of digital temperature controllers offer a range of selection from entry-level to ultra sophisticated – Intuitive setup and operation, featuring either multi-language help or screen prompts (depending on the model)

AD circulating water baths

AD controller circulating water bath

Selecting Circulating Water Baths

The Best Polyscience circulating water bath for your application will depend on a number of factors. Some Guidelines to help with your selection:

1. Working Temperature and Stability

You will need a Refrigerated/Heated Circulator if your working temperature will ever be near or below ambient. Applications that require maximum temperatures above 160C or +/- 0.01C temperature stability require Circulators with Performance or Advanced Series Temperature Controllers.

2. Cooling / Heating Demand

A circulating water bath with a small reservoir is generally suitable if you require external circulation only and the heating/cooling demand is moderate. If the external heating/cooling demand is high or you will be putting samples in the internal reservoir, a Circulator with a larger reservoir will be required.

3. External Calibration

All Polyscience Temperature Controllers can be used for close-loop external circulation. If open-loop external circulation is required or if your application requires a flow rate above 1L/min, a circulator with a Performance or Advanced Series Controller is required.