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This is the area for Sequip video probe products. Below you find an overview of our products. Please move forward to get all information about performance, accessoires, calibration tools and consumables.

Particle Characterization

Since foundation of S&E in year 1993 there are still increasing requirements for realtime informations on particle characterization of size. shape, morphology within development and formulation from laboratory, pilot plant, research or process.

Sequip wants to meet customer requirements with the optimal measuring system for every application.

Every user has different condotions, requirements and visions, so we offer different oppurtunities to introduce in our technology.


  • Based on facts statistical analysis because of more than 100.000 signal pictures
  • Fitting of the sensor directly in reactor or in a pipeline possible
  • No sample taken
  • Insitu operation from petri dish up to beaker and reactor


  1. Stability control under process conditions
  2. Faster development of new formulas
  3. Quality saving 24h a day


video probe image

Video Probes: Inline measuring and process control in real time

PIA (Particle Image Analysis) video probe Series provides size measuring based on the shape of the measured particles or crystals. PIA probes work in real time and under insitu conditions and detect size and shape of the particles.

Insitu Video Microscope

Display of crystals and particles with insitu image grabbing in real time.

Image Analysis of :

  • Real sieve data’s
  • Elongation
  • Relation between concavity and roundness
  • Detection of satellite structures
  • Detection of holes
software video probe

software video probe

  • Measuring range min : 0,5
  • Measuring range max: 2000 µm
  • Temperature min: – 120°C
  • Temperature max: 220°C
  • Pressure max: 300 bar Vakuum
  • Concentration max: 80 vol %
  • Sensor material: stainless steel, C22, more materials optional
  • Sensor diameter: 18 mm; 25 mm