PolyScience is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Since 1963, they have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide.


Best Lab Partner

The new PolyScience controllers are revolutionary. From the slek contemprary profile to the ultra-intuitive interface, PolyScience has created a new and better breed of temperature controllers. Easy to use, informative, eye catching and connected; PolyScience has designed a stable, reliable and precise partner for your lab bench.


  • Intuitive touch-screen operation
  • Fully informative display
  • Complete connectivity
  • Convience
  • Unwavering precision
temperature controllers AP series

AP temperature controllers

Performance Polyscience Temperature Controllers

Delivers the ultimate in precision and performance for applications that require exacting control at a precise temperature.


  • Intuitive icon-driven operation
  • Complete operating information displayed on a single screen
  • Large, easy to read Displays
  • Multiple Connectivity options
  • Temperature stability as precise as +/- 0,005 °C
  • Customizable features and functions, for the way you work
temperature controllers

MX temperature controller

Wide Choice of Controller Types availabe:

User settable high temperature safety provides over temperatures and low-liquid level protection. Integrated desing (patent-pending) protects pump and heater while simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

All controllers are very reliable and offer absolute precision while having total control.

Create, review and run even the most complex ramp and soak temperature program quickly, easily, and without guesswork. Highly intuitive programming application lets you add, edit or delete steps quickly. Settable time or temperature priority ensures programs run as intended. Plain-text program naming and preview function make it easy to identify stored programs. Convenient upload/download utility allows you to quickly share or backup stored programs. Plus, the intelligent scheduling application even lets you schedule a program to run automatically – hours, days, weeks, even months in the future.

1. Performance Programmable (SmartTouch Color LCD)

2. Advanced Programmable (SmartTouch Color LCD)

3. Performance Digital (SmartTouch Color LCD)

4. Advanced Digital (LCD Touch-Pad)

5. Standard Digital (LDC Touch-Pad)

6. MX (LCD)