Enclosure Area

This is the area for Enclosure containment systems.

A1-Safetech specialize in the design, construction and commissioning of mobile and bench mounted containment systems to the Pharmaceutical industry. Our enclosure systems are designed to provide safe handling environments for the manipulation of potent drug compounds. Climatically controlled enclosure systems are also available


We have many years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and understand our customers’ requirements. We are able to offer Consultancy, Design, Production, Installation, Commissioning, IQOQ, Service and Training for all our products.



Our aim is to lead the industry with containment solutions that help Hygienists provide safe working environments allowing analysts to carry out their work effectively.

Technical Services

Prolyse BV can offer service and maintenance packages on all our containment systems to suit our customers’ needs. All equipment is pre-qualified prior to shipment. In nearly all cases we provide IQOQ packages with our equipment to ensure that the systems are installed perform to our customer’s expectation.

  • Installation
  • IQOQ
  • Preventative maintenance

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balance enclosure from a1-safetech

Balance Enclosure ST-900

ST1 Enclosure

ST1 Balance Enclosure / Containment Systems

The ST1 balance enclosure / containment systems that Prolyse BV offers, are specifically designed to protect the analyst from exposure when handling and weighing potent powders. The ST1 balance enclosure system has a unique turbulent-free, low flow design which allows sensitive balances to operate without fluctuation and protects analysts from airborne contaminants.

  • Independently tested to provide an ECL (Exposure Control Limit) of less than 20ng/m³
  • Black granite base provides both stability and an easy to clean surface
  • Ergonomic design allows the analyst to work comfortably
  • Unique dual sensor airflow alarm provides safe operation
  • Safe change HEPA filtration
  • Available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm widths
  • Customized sizes are also available

balance enclosure from a1-safetech

Balance Enclosure

S1 Safety Enclosure

Protection During Weighing Processes

The ST1 – S1 safety balance enclosure range is the latest generation of containment systems specifically designed to protect the analyst during the weighing process, and has been performance tested specifically for the weighing of active drug compounds. In addition to proven safety performance, the unique design and control features of the ST1 – S1 range make these systems the most flexible and user friendly in the industry.

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