Dissolution Filters

Dissolution filters are used when samples are taken to prevent particles of tablet from getting into the sample and affecting the spectrophotometer or HPLC results.

Extensive Range

Labhut offers an extensive range of dissolution filters. Choose between:

•Cannula filters – used when high levels of particulate are present
•Filter Discs – Low volume sample probes may require an In-Line Filter Disc. These are designed to keep the filtration process outside the vessel.
•Filter Tips – smaller than cannula filters, filter tips fit on the end of larger diameter sample probes.


27th December 2013 the USP general chapter was approved and becomes a requirement, with enforcement in 2015.

Under this chapter, there is a requirement to show that pharmaceutical companies demonstrate that their compounds comply with strict limits for heavy metal and elemental levels determined by the USP. Previous testing for these is acknowledged to have been poor and this change is aimed to correct that anomaly.

In order to demonstrate that, it is necessary that no part of the dissolution system contributes any heavy metals into the system, and in particular the dissolution filters through which samples are taken.

No Metals

To further re-enforce the quality of their filters, QLA are introducing their ‘Pure Quality’ label, and all filters labelled as such are traceable not to contain heavy metals.

That coupled with their ISO9001 certification awarded by BSI ensure that QLA product remain at the highest quality level possible.

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dissolution filters-full-flow

dissolution filter full-flow

QLA – certified

Pure material

Manufactured from   Pure Quality material, QLA filters are fabricated in special moulds in clean-room conditions to ensure the best manufacturing practices. Samples from each batch are then tested for dimensional accuracy and then further tested for heavy metal content, inorganic interference and other possible contaminants.

Genuine QLA filters are guaranteed suitable for dissolution testing and CERTIFIED to be compliant with USP standards.

Only with QLA Pure Quality can you be certain that every batch of every filter will be consistent and the same as every other batch. Genuine QLA Filters have a QLA ISO9000 Holographic Label across the lid and jar (1000 packs). It should be un-broken when you receive the jar.