NanoQ Software

nanoQ-particle-size-softwareA sophisticated software package fully-dedicated to nanoparticle size measurements for the VASCO series of Cordouan featuring :

  • User-friendly and intuitive graphic interface
  • User-defined Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
  • Measurement replay mode for post-data treatment
  • Exhaustive solvent database with details for more then 200 different solvents
  • Standard Cumulant and unique Padé Laplace algorithms for complex colloids analysis (Cumulant, SDL and Pade Laplace
  • Unique embedded simulator for measurement interpretation and pedagogic purpose; easy to learn
  • Report editor for results presentation and saving of it
  • User management database


NanoQ software is designed to guide the user in a very simple and intuitive way, through the different steps of a measurement. Its access menu allows to select in one click an operating mode :

these modes are:

  • Measurement
  • Simulation
  • Import data/replay
  • User Management

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NanoQ Control InterfacenanoQ-particle-analysis-page

  • All information (Sample, Device, SOP, Measurements, etc.) available in one screen
  • No tedious cascaded menus or scrolling bars, easy to learn.
  • Measurements started and analyzed within a few clicks


Two analysis algorithms

  • Standard Cumulants algorithm and monodisperse sample measurement (average size and PDI)
  • Advanced Padé Laplace algorithm and complex / polymodal samples analysis including SDL algorithm


Two acquisition modes

Continuous mode, which allows to :

  • Integrate high resolution correlated signal for an undefined time period
  • Stop the measurement and make an analysis at your convenience
  • Grab correlogram at any time and make preliminary analysis without stopping the measurement itself

Statistical mode:

  • User settable multi-acquisition measurements
  • Use of Padé Laplace algorithm and SDL
  • Dedicated to size kinetics monitoring or to complex sample size distribution analysis


The Analysis page

A complete view on the results :nanoQ-software-control-interface

  • Size distribution and histograms from the Cumulants and Padé Laplace and SDL algorithm analysis
  • Display of measured correlograms with their fit and residues; important for sample interpretation
  • Step-by-step results display and sorting
  • High accuracy analysis


An unique indebted simulator

  • Create virtual measurement sequences with user defined size distribution
  • Visualize easily impact of samples characteristics (viscosity, RI, temperature,) device settings and noise level on results analysis
  • Interpret measurement results for complex sample analysis

Solvent DatabasenanoQ-solvent-database

  • More than 200 referenced solvents
  • Refractive index and viscosity data vs. temperature

It allows you to :

  • Import your selected solvent properties in just one click
  • Create and add your own solvent to the data base
  • Define its characteristics vs. temperature with various predefined interpolation models

NanoQ integrates many other advanced functionalities (customizable report edition, measurement replay mode, advanced analysis high accuracy mode, ) that we invite you to discover on our video. For more information, please contact us.


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