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Dissolution Media Preparation

For now 12 years Dosatec manufactures an instrument for the automatic media preparation for dissolution testing: DosaPrep®X8, which is now established as an easy-to-use standard instrument.


Only a few minutes are required for DosaPrep®X8 to do dissolution media preparation  for a test. It mixes two components, heats the mixture and degasses it.
The prepared medium can be dispensed directly into the vessels.
All parameters may be selected in a wide range.

Dissolution Media preparation or Degasser

Media Degasser Dosaprep X8

DosaPrep® X8

DosaPrep X8 permits dissolution media preparation for a volume of up to 8 l, the following steps are done:dosaprep features

  • Filtering of medium or water (filtercapsule 20 µ);
  • preparation of medium in the desired ratio from two inlets of e.g. water and hydrochloric acid; alternatively ready made medium may be used;
  • the medium is continuously mixed with a magnetic stirrer in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture;
  • the medium may be heated to a selectable temperature, e.g. 37 °C;
  • degassing is being done according USP Standard, using a double membrane vacuum pump;
  • the prepared medium can be dispensed in variable dosages;
  • and the complete medium preparation is documented in great detail.
  • Typically the time for dissolution media preparation of 8 l takes approximately only 15 min.

Precision Pondering Cell

A precise pondering cell assures the exact mixing ratio and the precise dispensing of the prepared medium. It works gravimetrically.

Standard Filtering

A 20 µm filter in the medium/water inlet assures retaining of particles. The filter may be exchanged easily. The instrument controls the total amount of medium/water, sets it into relation with the recommended maximum value, and suggests the replacement of the filter when this maximum value is reached.

Precise Mixingdosaprep schematic

The instrument has two inlets: one for medium or water, and one for an additive like concentrated hydrochloric acid or buffer. The mixing ratio may be varied in a wide range.
Alternatively ready prepared medium may be used.

Continuous Mixing

The dissolution medium is continuously mixed with a magnetic stirrer which is electronically driven and wear free. The stirrer itself is sealed and resistant against acid. This continuous mixing results in a homogeneous medium both in respect to temperature as well as in respect to the concentration.

Precise Heating of the Medium

A specially made heater heats the medium to the desired temperature, which is continuously monitored and displayed. This helps the degassing process and saves valuable time, as the medium may be dispensed with the required temperature to the vessels. Note that the final setting of the temperature needs to be done in the dissolution station.

Effective Degassing

Effective degassing is being carried out by the following measures:

•heating of medium;
•vaccuum better than 200 mbar/hPa (absolute);
•continuous mixing;
•an additional degassing phase may be chosen at the end of the dissolution media preparation in a wide range.

Extra Wide Dispense Rangedosaprep remote outlet

An extra wide range of dispensing allows to choose the appropriate dispense volume. Typically dispensing time is 30 s for 1000 ml.

Detailled Documentation

All important steps of the dissolution media preparation are being docuemnted and can be either directly printed or sent to a PC via RS232.

Safety for Employees in the Laboratory

As the handling with concentrated acid is limited to the occasional replacement of the storage container for hydrochloric acid the safety for personnel is greatly improved.

Savings of Cost and Labour

Rather than doing all the steps for the dissolution media preparation manually the instrument prepares the medium with all required steps automatically. Press “Start”, and the instrument will perform all steps required to obtain the desired medium.
The medium may be then dispensed directly into the medium; no further steps are necessary. Therefore it is easy to perform a dissolution test while preparing new medium. This frees the personnel from the medium preparation work and allows for other activities. Anyhow the medium preparation for e.g. 8 l takes only approx. 15 min.


Specifications DosaPrep X8 

dispensable volume 150 – 5000 ml
useable volume of the tank 9000 ml
heating heating 20 ° over room temperature
accuracy of temperature +/- 2 °
inlet A (Medium) water or prepared medium, medium with a maximum of 1 % concentration of acid
filter for inlet A filtercapsule 20 µm
inlet B (Additive) additiv such as acid or buffer; acid concentration up to 36 % HCl
accuracy of dispensing better than +/- 5 g
mixer magnetic stirrer with nonwearing electronic drive
printer interface centronics
pc interface RS232
remote control remote control with dispense outlet
weight and dimensions L x W x H: 61 x 30 x 65 cm, instrument with accessories 28 kg
power supply 230 V 2400 W, maximum 16 A,
other voltages upon request