Filling Machines and Accessories

This is the area for capsule filling machines and accessories. Please click on the images for more information about performance, accessories, calibration tools and consumables.

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All PHARMA TEST automated friability testing Instruments meet the latest requirements of the USP monograph and EP

Universal Filler

The Universal capsule filler is a single-frame manual capsule filling machine for all your capsule sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. You can fill 120 capsules at a time; no adjustment is necessary. You can also use the Modular Powder Stop to fill fewer capsules. The machine comprises a single robust frame and plates that are colour-coded to correspond to different capsule sizes. Both the interchangeable plates and the frame are made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium, and there are no electrostatic issues. The lever locking system keeps everything in place, and the machine can be easily washed by hand, or in a dishwasher or autoclave.

Magnetic Tablet

The PT-MT3 instrument, the new Magentic Tablet with built-in calibrated load cell, is used to qualify and calibrate the maximum hardness result detection and speed/force increase rate of most Tablet Hardness Test Instruments in the field.

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Single Drum Automated Friability Tester


3 Drums, Semi Automated Friability Tester


Six Drum, Variable Speed Friability Tester


Three Drum Automated Friability Testing