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This is the area for suppository testing Products. Please see below next to the images for more information about performance, accessories, calibration tools and consumables.



The range of instruments to test the quality of Suppositories, Pessaries, Creames etc. includes Disintegration, Penetration, and Dissolution Instruments and Apparatus.

Suppository Testing Series

The PTS3E instrument is designed for the manual control of suppository disintegration time. It conforms to the current requirements as laid down in the German DAB and European EP Pharmacopoeia.

The SPT6 Suppository Softening Time (Penetration) Test Apparatus can be used in any Pharma Test Tablet Disintegration Test Instrument. The instrument meets in all details the monograph of the EP Apparatus A.

The Suppository Dialysis Cell PTSW0 is used inside a Dissolution Vessel of a Dissolution Test Instrument. It is suitable to test the concentration of active of a suppository or other lypophilic carriers.

zetpil tester voor uiteenvaltijd

uiteenvaltijd tester voor zetpillen


Suppository Disintegration Tester

The suppository testing PTS3E is designed for the manual control of suppository and pessary disintegration time. It conforms to the current requirements as laid down in the European Pharmacopoeia EP . Three samples are tested simultaneously over a user selectable, pre-set period of 1 minute to 10 hours. The sample containers are rotated through 180°, as specified in the monograph. The water bath has a capacity of 12 litres (4ltr. for each of the samples). The total rotation time (for 180°) is normally 10 minutes, and the normal disintegration time is approximately 30 minutes. The bath, sample holder and test baskets can be removed from the instrument for cleaning. Due to the thermostat design (circulates from the bottom of the bath) it is made sure that no suppository material arrives inside the heating system.


zetpil tester voor desintegratie


Suppository Softening (Penetration) Time Test

The SPT6 Suppository Penetration Tester is used to determine the softening time of 6 samples at the same time. It is made in strict compliance with the monograph of the EP Apparatus A.
The Apparatus needs to be placed into a suitable Plexiglas water bath. It is possible to use the SPT6 in a Pharma Test Tablet Disintegration Tester of the type series PTZS, DIST3 or PTZ AUTO. Using it within the PTZ AUTOEZ instruments the softenting time can be detected automatically.


PTWS0 – dissolutie – zetpil


Suppository Testing Dissolution Apparatus

The PTSWO Suppository testing Cell for dissolution (Rotating Dialysis Cell) is placed into a normal 1 ltr. USP type dissolution vessel which is placed into a Dissolution Test Instrument to test the rate of dissolved active of suppositories and lypophilic carriers. The stirrer drive is coupled by its shaft to the horizontally rotating dialysis cell, which contains the suppository or sample material. Active ingredients diffuse through the cell membrane and can be measured in the normal way by sampling from the outer phase, usually water, where only dissolved active is measured.
The PTSW0 can be used in the following PTA dissolution baths: PTWS – PTWS300/600 – PTWS610 – PTWS1210 – PTWS4000.

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