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A Breakthrough Technique!

The VASCO KIN™ is a new generation of Time-Resolved instruments for accurate kinetic analyses combined with an in situ and contactless remote optical head. It allows to monitor in Real Time nano-particles synthesis, agglomeration or the stability of suspensions.

With a single and continuous measurement, VASCO KIN™ gives access to all characterization data of a reaction (size distribution, scattered intensity, correlogramms, etc.).

“not bring your sample to the measurement, but bring the measurement to your process!”


Technologies & Innovations

The main unit of the VASCO-KIN Nano particle size analyser includes :

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Main characteristics

  • Nano Particle size analyser (diameter): 0.5nm -10μm
  • “A la carte” and pay-as-you-grow configuration
  • Flexibility and upgradability with various plug & play options: one main unit and various interchangeable heads
  • On-demand optical fiber umbilical length from 1m up to 20 meters length
  • Powered by the NanoQ proprietary software

Interchangeable Heads

  • VASCO-KIN with Dual Thickness Controller head
  • VASCO-KIN with in situ head
  • VASCO-KIN with Thermalized head
  • VASCO-KIN with Custom head

Thermalized Head

When available space becomes an issue

Custom Head

customize your own DLS set up



VASCO-KIN with Dual Thickness Controller head


  • Ideal for concentrated and/or dark suspensions (inks, emulsions, crude oil, etc.)
  • No consumable : indebted sample cell
  • Online measurement option (on demand)
  • Compact : ability to work in confined environment (glove box)




  • Measurement in controlled environments
  • Routine lab measurements

                    VASCO-KIN with in situ head



  • In situ and contactless measurements: no risk of contamination
  • Robust & Compact : easy to integrate in limited access environment
  • Embedded visible alignment laser: easy installation and accurate positioning
  • Adjustable working distance /scattering angle
  • Cost- & Time-saving : no consumable, no tedious batch sampling





  • In situ process monitoring
  • Instrumental coupling

                                                     VASCO-KIN with Thermalized head



  • Broad temperature range : 5° to 80°C ; +/-0.05°
  • Compact : ability to work in confined environment (glove box)
  • Compatible with standard 10×10 mm2 cuvette (disposable or QS)
  • No cross contamination, easy sampling
  • Fluorescence filter option
  • Various cuvette options : disposable cell, glass cell, micro-cell, flow cell …





  • Batch sampling measurements
  • Routine lab measurements


                                                    VASCO-KIN with Custom head



  • Lab set up for dedicated and advanced applications
  • On-demand configuration (scattering angle, beams position, Fluorescence filter option , type of cell, monitoring, thermalization, etc)



  • Measurements in specific environments or specific conditions