Enclosure Area

This is the area for Bulk Powder enclosure / containment systems.

BP series bulk powder enclosure containment systems are designed to provide a safe weighing and handling environment for large quantities of active drug compounds from containers. The Bulk Powder enclosure range have an unique low flow design that provides localized extract around the drum opening and a low turbulence environment for weighing.


We have many years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and understand our customers’ requirements. We are able to offer Consultancy, Design, Production, Installation, Commissioning, IQOQ, Service and Training for all our products.



Our aim is to lead the industry with containment solutions that help Hygienists provide safe working environments allowing analysts to carry out their work effectively.

Technical Services

Prolyse BV can offer service and maintenance packages on all our containment systems to suit our customers’ needs. All equipment is pre-qualified prior to shipment. In nearly all cases we provide IQOQ packages with our equipment to ensure that the systems are installed perform to our customer’s expectation.

  • Installation
  • IQOQ
  • Preventative maintenance

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bulk powder enclosure

Bulk Powder Enclosure

Are you interested in adding a bulk powder enclosure to your laboratory? Prolyse BV is a leading supplier of high-quality containment systems in the Benelux. We offer a wide range of solutions that help to provide a safe and efficient work environment. Our products and services can easily be altered to all of your wishes and needs.

Our bulk powder enclosure range

Bulk Powder Balance Enclosure / Containment Systems

The bulk powder enclosure range has an unique low flow design that provides localized extract around the drum opening and a low turbulence environment for weighing.

  • Independently tested to provide an ECL (Exposure Control Limit)of 1ug/m³
  • Low air volume requirement
  • Mobile system
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Localized safe change HEPA H14 filtration underneath bench
  • Unique dual sensor airflow alarm system provides safe operation and alarms
  • Available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm widths

A bulk powder enclosure provides effective control and containment of airborne particulate during manipulation and transfer of potent compounds. Designed to provide a turbulent free airflow environment, A1-safetech bulk powder handling enclosures move air in a horizontal pattern to maximize containment while minimizing sample loss and balance instability.

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Whether you are interested in purchasing a bulk powder enclosure, a laboratory water bath or climate zone systems: Prolyse BV is your trusted partner. Should you have any questions about our range of products and services or you would like to directly request a quote, please contact us for more information. Call +31 162 383100 or fill out the contact form.