Tablet Testing Area

This the area for Manual and Semi-Automated Tablet Hardness Testing Products. Please read more next to the images for more information about performance, accessoires, calibration tools and consumables.



All PHARMA TEST Hardness tablet Testing Instruments meet the latest requirements of the USP monograph and EP

Tablet Tester Series

The PTB311E “3-in-1” is doubtless one of our most popular instruments for measuring Thickness, Diameter and Hardness. A variety of tablet Thickness Jaws are available for tablet different diameters or shapes.

The PTB302 is the latest version of the very first electronical Tablet Hardness Tester world-wide. Its main features are: Built-in Printer, RS-232 interface, operation mode for linear force increase, simple to operate, no change of jaws required.

Magnetic Tablet

The PT-MT3 instrument, the new Magentic Tablet with built-in calibrated load cell, is used to qualify and calibrate the maximum hardness result detection and speed/force increase rate of most Tablet Hardness Test Instruments in the field.

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PTB111E manual tablet testing

PTB111E manual tablet testing


Standard Hardness Test Instrument

To test Hardness of any solid sample up to 300 or alternatively 500 N (Newton) the PTB111E is designed for. The PTB111E is equipped with a COM port for data transfer and a Pinter port to record the results. The test result is immediately displayed at the LED Display of the unit. It offers load cell adjustment and 3-point calibration menus.

Operating Principle
Depending on the tablet hardness you can manually test between 5 to 8 samples per minute. The user has to enter a nominal hardness and push the START key. When all data have been collected simply push the STOP key and get the results including statistical information printed at the attached or integrated Printer. The Auto-Restart option allows a faster test and higher throughput of samples compared with a manual Start procedure.


PTB311E tablet testing


3 in 1 Hardness, Diameter and Thickness Tester

The PTB311E “3-in-1” Tester is doubtless one of the most popular instruments for measuring thickness up to 15mm, Diameter (or Length) up to 40mm (optional 70 mm), and Hardness up to 300N with an option to increase this to 500N. It is designed in compliance with the USP and EP monographs.

A variety of Tablet Thickness Test Jaws are available for different shaped tablets. Connect a DOT Matrix Printer to get a Force Curve Print or use the optional PTB32 software for result presentation. Full calibration and validation program included.


PTB302 tablet tester


Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB300 was very first electronical Tablet Hardness Tester and so the oldest member of the hardness tester team, but still the PTB302 is a very popular instrument. The PTB 302 is manufactured and supplied with an inox housing and built-in thermo-printer. It is designed in compliace to the USP and EP monographs.

Sample throughput is around 6 – 10 per minute. Standard instrument has a load cell up to 300N, but can be upgraded to 500N. Display results in N, Sc or Kp. Linear Force increase mode selection, built-in printer and RS-232 interface. No change of the Test Jaws required, design made to suit all sizes and shapes. This unit can be supplied for larger tablets up to 70 mm, too.

PTBA_211E ampoule breakpoint tester

PTBA211E ampoule breakpoint tester


Ampoule Breakpoint Tester

The PTBA211E is an Ampoule Hardness (or Breakpoint) Tester. It is a special adaptation of the PTB311E series to allow the determination of ampoule break point. Ampoules with a volume of 1 to 30 ml may be tested. Up to 250 tests per series for statistical evaluation are possible. Easy calibration and validation possible with full calibration report.

The PTBA211E is probably the most used Ampoule Breakpoint Test Instrument world-wide. Its stainless steel design, easy to operate features, and the design in compliance to the DIN/ISO 9187 are highlight of the popular Instrument.

magnetic tablet

magnetic tablet PT-MT3


Magnetic Tablet for Hardness Test Qualification

The PT-MT3 Magnetic Tablet, is the sucsessor of the PT-MT2 used to qualify and calibrate correct hardness detection and force/speed increase rate of most Hardness Test Instruments, like PTB 311E/511E, PTB 411/411-500, PTB 301/302/501/502/320, PTBA211E, WHT and WHTME, 4M, 8M series.
Similar to the breaking behaviour of a tablet or ampoule the test jaw “breaks” when a selected force is applied to the test handle in which a calibrated load cell is placed. Any test range can be selected within the range of 10 to 500N. In order to use the instrument for all PHARMATEST and other make Hardness Test Instruments special instrument adaptors (supports) are available. The PT-MT3 is calibrated using certified weights.