DosaPrep® X8 – Dissolution Media Degassing

DosaPrep X8 permits dissolution media preparation for a volume of up to 8 l, the following steps are done:dosaprep features for degassing

  • Filtering of medium or water (filtercapsule 20 µ);
  • preparation of medium in the desired ratio from two inlets of e.g. water and hydrochloric acid; alternatively ready made medium may be used;
  • the medium is continuously mixed with a magnetic stirrer in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture;
  • the medium may be heated to a selectable temperature, e.g. 37 °C;
  • degassing is being done according USP Standard, using a double membrane vacuum pump;
  • the prepared medium can be dispensed in variable dosages;
  • and the complete medium preparation is documented in great detail.
  • Typically the time for dissolution media preparation of 8 l takes approximately only 15 min.

Full IQ/OQ documentation is available

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