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With a recirculating water chiller you can remove the heat in various processes and equipment. In order to be able to do so as controlled a manner as possible, it is important that your recirculating cooler is both reliable and consistent. The PolyScience recirculating water chillers are perfect for many different cooling applications, which makes them the perfect lab partner for your laboratory.

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PolyScience equipment is the ideal lab partner

A PolyScience recirculating water chiller is the ideal lab equipment for a number of reasons. For one, it is very user-friendly, featuring a large digital display. What’s more, recirculating coolers from this brand are known for their great functionality. They can be relied upon under a variety of circumstances. If you need a water circulator that is more equipped  for warm temperatures, not to worry. We have all the equipment you need.

Order everything at once and save on shipping costs

If you need a recirculating water chiller for your lab, you’d do well to order it from Prolyse BV. We respond quickly to your requests and when you place an order of over 500 euros you don’t have to pay any shipping costs. Should you need more  equipment for your laboratory than a recirculating cooler alone, it is best you order it all at once. In this way, you’ll quickly reach the 500 euro total required for free shipping, allowing you to save on transportation costs. Want to order a recirculating cooler, or do you have questions about our equipment? Contact us by calling  +31 162 383100 or by filling out our contact form.